Cavities are caused by the presence of dental plaque. The bacteria present in dental plaque live off sugars that enter through your diet. As a result of the presence of these bacteria, the tooth surface can be affected and a cavity forms. To prevent pre-existing cavities from becoming deeper which can lead to pain, they will be cleaned by drilling, after which they will be filled. Treatment of caries can take place under local anesthesia depending on the depth and the patient’s wishes.

Pain after drilling and filling a tooth may manifest as increased hot/cold sensitivity or the sensation of “currents”. This should not be alarming, as this pain can sometimes last as long as four to six weeks. If the pain becomes more prolonged and severe in nature, contact your dentist.

The development of caries can be prevented by proper oral hygiene combined with a correct diet. It is recommended that you have no more than seven moments a day where you eat or drink. Drinking water or tea without sugar do not count towards the seven moments.