At Tandartspraktijk Voordijkshoorn, dentistry is pursued at a high level. To give you more insight into our methods, please read the following text carefully. Patients who are already treated by us can also find useful information here.

Making appointments

After a visit to the dentist, it is customary to make a new appointment at the front desk. If this is not possible, the new appointment can be made by phone during our practice hours.

No rights can be derived from not receiving reminder cards or reminder emails regarding appointments. The appointment made at the counter or over the phone is binding.

Concerning pain/emergency cases:

  • If you call before 10:00 in the morning, we will try to help you the same day. However, you must then conform to the time of treatment offered to you. We are unable to accommodate your work/school preferences for pain.
  • If you call later in the day, we may not be able to help you on the same day.
  • For emergencies outside our opening hours, please contact the Spoedgevallendienst Delft. Telephone: 015 2134040.

Canceling or rescheduling appointments

If you are unable to attend, please inform us in time. Appointments lasting twenty minutes or longer must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 48 hours in advance. For appointments lasting less than twenty minutes, the deadline is 24 hours. Appointments not cancelled in time will be charged according to the time of the scheduled treatment. A rate of 22.00 euros per ten minutes applies.

Change of personal data

You are responsible for the timely notification of changes in relevant data. This includes changes in address, email, phone number and health insurance. We also ask that you notify us immediately of any changes with regard to general health and use of medication.

Waiting times

Your and our time is precious. We understand that. We therefore do our best to work punctually through our schedule. Nevertheless, you may have to wait longer than you and we initially estimated. This may happen because of a treatment that involves unexpected complications, or because an emergency has come up in between. We hope that you can understand this.

Expenses and statements

We can inform you in advance about the (estimated) costs of a treatment. You are free to inquire about this and the rates can also be found on our website under the heading “Rates”. When a treatment plan is drawn up for you with an amount of 250.00 euro or more, the relevant practitioner may ask you to sign a so-called informed consent form, indicating that you have been informed about the treatment and its costs.

Statements will be provided to you digitally. If you prefer to receive your statement by post, please inform the reception desk. Workpieces with technical costs over 50 euros (crowns, bridges, prostheses, etc.) must be largely paid for before placement of the workpiece. After placement, you will receive a final invoice.

If you have any questions about reimbursements, please contact your own health insurance company.

Unpaid bills will be transferred to a collection agency. This incurs extra costs for you. If we have to proceed to collect the outstanding claim(s) with the help of a collection agency, the treatment agreement will automatically be cancelled on our part.


Tandartspraktijk Voordijkshoorn is not liable for damage, theft and/or loss of your property. We therefore advise you not to leave your belongings unattended.

It is not allowed to make photo, film or sound recordings in the practice to protect the privacy of other patients and/or staff. We also ask you not to use your phone during the treatment.

Of course it is not allowed to smoke in the practice. Pets are also not allowed, with the exception of assistance dogs.

We will do our best to treat you to your satisfaction. If you do have a complaint, please let us know. We will do our best to resolve the complaint with you.

Finally, we welcome suggestions, ideas, comments and/or remarks about treatment or other matters.