The color of the teeth and molars are often different, this is largely genetically determined. As one gets older, the enamel will wear down, causing the teeth to appear darker in color. Pigment from food can also affect the color of the teeth. Whitening the teeth and molars can result in a lighter color. However, this result is different for everyone due to the differences in the original tooth color and lifestyle. There are several options for teeth whitening, such as a single tooth or the entire jaw. Discuss with your dentist which option is best for you.

For whitening the entire teeth, we use the at-home whitening method. Here, personal, flexible trays are made which perfectly fit your teeth. By wearing these trays filled with whitening gel every other day for two weeks (for at least 4 consecutive hours, for example at night), you can whiten your teeth and they will be several shades lighter. Please note that teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity at all times. Therefore, discuss with your dentist whether this method for a white smile is right for you.

If there is a single discolored tooth, it is possible to whiten this tooth through external or internal whitening. Which option is suitable for you depends on the vitality (whether or not the nerve in your tooth is alive) of the tooth. Your dentist can provide you with further information about this.